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Does this dog look fierceness to you?

Or would you any how describe him as, "wild", "aggressive", "frenzy", "menacing", "barbarous", "ferocious"? I'm running out of vocabularies. My customers know him, my UPS, Fedex guys all know him. However how do you get to know him first? It's because he is super friendly!

It was not the first time, that his little life is being threaten by a mail carrier. The first time happened about couple years ago. When he was only about 4 pounds! And today he is 5 1/2 pound.

Monte and I was in the restaurant, it was before service. I opened the front door to water the planters. He sure followed me from my back, not on leash obviously as we were hanging around inside to start with. However I didn't know the mail carrier was coming down the street. While I was watering the planters, he spotted the carrier and started running up to him thinking he would play with him. I screamed at Monte to come back. Before I could say another words, the mail carrier already held his mails high and hit him so hard that Monte flew back with a back flip and landed on the ground.

I took Monte with me and drove right to Emeryville post office to report that to the Post Master. I understand a mail carrier needs to protect their lives and watch out for themselves. However I also believe a "normal" person can justify and should be able to judge if their life is being threatened?

Last week, I got a notice in my mailbox about I missed a certified mail. First, I know I was home the day it was delivered. I had been home the whole day, therefore I didn't think the carrier had come up to the house to deliver it but just left a note in my mailbox for me to go pick up at the post office. I called this morning, complained about it and arranged for a redelivery with a note for the carrier to be sure to go upstairs.

Around 3PM, my door bell rang. Whoever that was, had just let themselves into the building without ringing the front door. So I have no idea of who would that be. By the time I got to the door, it was only less than a minute, but this person had already left to the elevator down the hall. I poked my head out from the door and that's when Monte walked out from the door behind me as well. We both saw the mail carrier, and Monte started running down the hall to him. I was screaming at Monte to call him back and at the same time I saw the mail guy held up a metal chain to hit him! I then screamed at the mail carrier instead to tell him "the dog's alright, don't hit!" He wouldn't stop. In fact he was walking toward Monte to reach out to hit him! At this time Monte was already started to run back. I picked Monte up and questioned the mail guy about his action was totally unnecessary. He started giving me a lecture about as long as he's in his uniform, he's entitled to do anything. Implying it's legal even if he killed my dog, as long as he's in his uniform. I was so upset, I just told him to give me my mail and leave.

Again I understand if it's even my last dog, a labrador, or any big dog. Even if Monte was furiously barking. However Monte was totally showing his friendliness, wagging his tail, with his bouncy run and hadn't made a noise. If I know it was a mail carrier at my door, I wouldn't even let Monte get close to the door, just in case. Just like when my UPS or Fedex guy came, when they rang the front door, I would pick up Monte everytime when they got to my house door. However this carrier made a mistake and didn't come in with normal procedure to ring my front door intercom but let himself in. It's my home, of course my dog is off leash in the house!

I just feel that if a person can't even tell or judge if his life is being threatened by a 5lb dog, he should just stay home! I understand his job nature has certain threats and I know many people got beaten before. However take the necessary measure and be real! What I experienced today and before were just plain animal cruelty! And this CANNOT be allowed!

I am not partial to my dog because I am a dog owner. It's just what is right and wrong. And common sense if you have!? I have a friend who would tell me don't approach her dog, because her dog is super protective and even she wouldn't know what her dog would do. I'll for sure take that advise! For the same reason, I know my dog! If I say my little friendly 5 lb dog is friendly and fine, then why would you still need to approach forward to the dog to hit him? I am also not addressing to all mail carriers because I had met some of them and they were fine with Monte! There were several occasions when Monte and I walked to the garage and it happened the mail carrier was at the lobby. And they were fine having Monte approached them. Therefore I take this as an individual issue and it needs to be addressed!
So who else can I seek help from, other than I will forward this note to the post master, post master general? While the mail carrier had also mentioned, "yeah, call the post master if you want!" So would the higher level executives really address this kind of issues or would they allow their staff to abuse their right?

Can someone help? If any of you agree with me, please feel free to forward this. Thank you!

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