March 9, 2011


...after almost two years, my blog is alive again! Thanks to my best friend, Vicky; the genius. After my site's hosting company upgraded their software, they messed up my emails, my site's pictures and my blog. Took almost two days before they got my email...etc, working again. However they denied the malfunction of my blog was caused by their upgrade, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong that I couldn't sign on to my own blog. There and then I was busy with opening OTD, followed by the long hours and non-stop working days at PICÁN... It was then put aside after I switched the hosting company.

Since I have time now, it would be nice to share my food and thoughts again. I started looking into fixing it. My fingers sure lost the touch already, and my mind is all about cooking and no more coding. A friend thought that should be an easy fix and agreed to have a look at it. Another two months past... maybe he really had taken "a look" at it! Then I remember this out of sight but always in my mind's best friend, who's a genius whenever I have those "programming blocks" back in those days in school! And just so happened we finished our 6 hours marathon phone call, I sent her my problem. In less than 3 hours, she figured it out and got it fixed. While it wasn't exactly the way it was I "demanded". She got it exactly how it was in another couple more hours! And in those hours, I know for sure she's probably watching some Chinese drama, cooking dinner, teasing me with her husband... UNBELIEVABLE! That's how good she is! And that's my best friend, Vicky Pang!

May 18, 2009

Brought back memories...


After all the hard work from serving Meals on Wheels San Francisco, almost all chefs partied at Tim's Yuet Lee once again before his last day today!

Watching how everybody was there for Tim, signing a chef jacket from Sam Choy, wishing him the best wishes... It sure brought back memories for me on the last weekend of Furenzu! When all my friends and customers came in for the one last time, a band offered to play, songs they played for me and so many cries and moments with all my customers and friends, my mother came and helped out... I felt it for Tim!

I sure miss you all!

May 12, 2009

What a delightful evening!

chefs.jpg In the pic: Chris, Tim, Cynthia, Charles, Sam & Andy

Christopher Cheung; chef owner from Marica called me yesterday afternoon and told me Tim from Yuet Lee is retiring! So he and Narsai David put together a dinner at Tim's place last night and wanted to know if I would like to join them. Are you kidding, of course! I'd cancel all my dates (like I really have hah) to join them. All together we have a party of 11 people. Then not too late into the dinner, Sam Choy of Sam Choy walked in followed by Charles Phan of Slanted Door! So turned out to be quite some party!

I had met Narsai in numerous occasions. However not until last night that we really had some conversations and shared some good humor. A great one was toward the end of the meal, Spam came into the topic. As I said I was very "particular" with my Spam, which I only eat this one brand only, Tim took a can of Spam out from his drawer. I looked at it and I said this was exactly the kind that I wouldn't eat, especially "low sodium"...too healthy! Later I found Narsai trying to sneak that can of Spam in my purse. Caught him and I mentioned to him again not this "low sodium" one!

I just totally cracked up when I went home. I couldn't believe not only he managed to sneaked the Spam in my purse, but he also took a table salt shaker from Tim's restaurant and put that in my purse as well! Very cute! I must give him credit of how thoughtful he was that he tore a corner of a piece of napkin and screwed the top with the napkin inserted underneath. So no salt had spilled into my purse!

Of course conversations we had over dinner were all about food. I'll be looking forward to have these guys over for a meal soon. That's going to be another joyful day!

Cheers all!

April 27, 2009

How "unfortunate" are you?

So when everyone is complaining about how bad the economy is; how they have to cut down from their spending; how they now can only take one vacation this year vs. two; how they can only eat out in a restaurant once a week and can only order one glass of wine than one bottle...etc. Have they thought about amongst many others, they are actually still the "fortunate" one?

I remember before I sold the restaurant around last April/May, I was talking to a customer and that's exactly what she told me: "We're really hurting. The economy is coming down and will be coming down fast. Our house's value dropped half and you know, having two kids to raise is really not easy!" I thought, yes it's really not easy to provide for kids in the bay area. Don't even mention kids, how about just to provide for ourselves!? Then what surprised me was the lady turned to her kids, who were about 6 & 9 I guess; and told them, "So you two are not going to complain this year! We may not go to Paris this Christmas, but may only make it to the summer house in Mexico during your summer break."

I could only think, if that's hurting, please hurt me!

For all my friends who know me well, they usually describe me as a very optimistic and positive person. In Chinese, we say, "Even if the sky collapse one day, that's just an extra blanket on us."

I definitely think I'm in some kind of transition right now, trying to figure out what's my next step. Nervous? Yeah... Uncertain? Yeah... Panic? Well, yeah...there were times. Worry? Of course. However I still feel I'm very lucky! To have many supportive dear friends! To have my customers still remember me, and even receiving surprised phone calls and emails from them! Best of all, hired me to cater their wedding! What an honor! Then a long time old friend offered me a trip to Europe... While having all times in hands now, I am able to visit or reacquaint with friends that I haven't seen for looooooong time! To think about just to be able to experience everything my life path has provided, even if those were painful memories with break up relationships or betrayal from friends I trusted so much... I still feel very thankful for everything I have and had experienced!

Then I received the following link to the video from a friend. My tears just wouldn't stop. After watching it, how could we not think we actually are the fortunate one? However I think the message wasn't just that, but to see how thankful and how giving that poor guy was, shame on us!

Yes we are all in a difficult time right now, but again I thank for the experiences and challenges. It's a time to remind us to be humble, giving and be thankful! I hope you all like the video.



March 13, 2009

Monte's birthday 3.12.2009

It was Monte's birthday yesterday! While I had scheduled to have lunch with my ex-coworkers(Jean, Josephine, Danny, Joe & Linda) from the computer days, Monte joined us as well!

We had dim sum on Clement Street and Monte joined us in the restaurant. I sneaked the little guy in with his own carrier. He was such a good boy and behaving very well! (As if he knew he turned legal age in human years!?) He was quiet and alert the whole time. Joe made a cake for Jean, but I think it's also a cake for us for Monte! I wonder what would it takes to open a pet friendly restaurant like those in Carmel?

After lunch we went for a car ride where Monte was standing high in the car "waving" at everybody catching attention! We made a stop at Catnip+Bones on Chestnut Street. Monte picked his own treats, got a new jumper and a new toy which kept trying to steal his treats later in the evening(check it out from the pic below!)

Most of the time when we went for our stroll on Chestnut was already in the evening, and Catnip+Bones was already closed. Finally yesterday we made it in. Monte was excited as well and left a little "gift" for the owner Rachel! While I always like to support small businesses, Monte and I sure had visited many boutique stores for dogs. I found Rachel's store is by far the most reasonable! She is friendly, knows her products and loves animals and people! Customers and locals would just stop by to say hi and chit chat with her even they don't have pets! She has good merchandises, very cute outfits and everything is marked very reasonably. Monte and I had visited another pet store in San Carlos about 3 months ago, where they charged the same dog food for almost double compare to what I paid for at The Pet Club. Since Catnip+Bones wouldn't be buying quantities like The Pet Club but was still charging only about $1.5 more. This is the kind of small business we all should go and support!

BTW, Monte wouldn't stop drinking the "love potion for K9" they offer outside their store! Wouldn't blame him, I would take the whole bowl for myself too if they have some for me!? ;)

After having a little treat for Monte, he went to play with other dogs on the Marina Greens. Monte's still a little shy to play with strangers. I think it's because he doesn't play rough like other dogs. He had a great time rolling on the grass though. Maybe I'll just arrange a play day for him and Presley later...

Finally into the evening when we returned home, Monte got to dig into all his treats(I had only allowed him to pick one and the lamb link was the winner!) and I shook a Marker's Manhattan for myself. After all we got to had a toast for the day that the little guy turned legal age to drink, right!?

Cheers Monte!

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