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How "unfortunate" are you?

So when everyone is complaining about how bad the economy is; how they have to cut down from their spending; how they now can only take one vacation this year vs. two; how they can only eat out in a restaurant once a week and can only order one glass of wine than one bottle...etc. Have they thought about amongst many others, they are actually still the "fortunate" one?

I remember before I sold the restaurant around last April/May, I was talking to a customer and that's exactly what she told me: "We're really hurting. The economy is coming down and will be coming down fast. Our house's value dropped half and you know, having two kids to raise is really not easy!" I thought, yes it's really not easy to provide for kids in the bay area. Don't even mention kids, how about just to provide for ourselves!? Then what surprised me was the lady turned to her kids, who were about 6 & 9 I guess; and told them, "So you two are not going to complain this year! We may not go to Paris this Christmas, but may only make it to the summer house in Mexico during your summer break."

I could only think, if that's hurting, please hurt me!

For all my friends who know me well, they usually describe me as a very optimistic and positive person. In Chinese, we say, "Even if the sky collapse one day, that's just an extra blanket on us."

I definitely think I'm in some kind of transition right now, trying to figure out what's my next step. Nervous? Yeah... Uncertain? Yeah... Panic? Well, yeah...there were times. Worry? Of course. However I still feel I'm very lucky! To have many supportive dear friends! To have my customers still remember me, and even receiving surprised phone calls and emails from them! Best of all, hired me to cater their wedding! What an honor! Then a long time old friend offered me a trip to Europe... While having all times in hands now, I am able to visit or reacquaint with friends that I haven't seen for looooooong time! To think about just to be able to experience everything my life path has provided, even if those were painful memories with break up relationships or betrayal from friends I trusted so much... I still feel very thankful for everything I have and had experienced!

Then I received the following link to the video from a friend. My tears just wouldn't stop. After watching it, how could we not think we actually are the fortunate one? However I think the message wasn't just that, but to see how thankful and how giving that poor guy was, shame on us!

Yes we are all in a difficult time right now, but again I thank for the experiences and challenges. It's a time to remind us to be humble, giving and be thankful! I hope you all like the video.



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