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September 23, 2006

Old "furenzu" reunion!

I had a wonderful day today! The sun was out, and I was taken to the ballpark to watch an A's game. Am I a baseball fan? No, but I enjoyed it, the getting out and get some sun and air part. Plus the wonderful seats, I was really just by the field! The pork sandwich was good and the "yard size" margarita just beat the heat! Thanks, Skip!

Came back to the loft, getting myself ready for my big night: an old friend visiting from Denmark, Michala!
She was my best friend when we went to college together. She's the one who always told me "go with your heart!" And I did, a year ago to open the restaurant. I think it was 8 years ago when I last saw her when she was visiting the states, but she thought it was sooner than that. It didn't matter as what matter to me is our reunion tonight. She brought her husband, Jesper and her daughter, Amilie. Anna and Camilo also joined us with their daughter, Joy! Last but not least Michala's friend, Melissa; whom I also met quite some years ago.
IMG_4188.JPG IMG_4189.JPG
It sure brought back memories:

We used to work in the bookstore together, I counted inventory in Chinese while she counted in Danish. That's how we learned each other's language...well, just the numbers...I think I can still do it but only "2, 4, 6."

I used to pick her up every morning, drive together to school and she would feed me breakfast(smoothie) as I drove.

Until today she would still tease me about my stupid moment with my dog, Juppa; which of course I'm not going to disclose it here ;)

Then I think it must be within the 1st week or 1st month after her transfer, she was in a bicycle accident. Head to head collision. She was in the hospital for almost a week while the person who hit her just stood up, dusted himself off and he was all fine. Turned out...he's the Stanford football player compare to poor skinny Michala.

Oh and how could I forget when we used to study late into the night for our calculus class, that Michala would finish the whole bag of Mashmallow from Costco to keep herself awake!? Tonight she told me she still has that candy tooth, and her "little Michala" is exactly the same like her!

It was a wonderful night and a wonderful day! I miss her already! Sure I got my tears in my eyes as she was ready to leave. Wondering when would I see her again? Good old friends, I'm so happy to see everybody and knowing everyone is doing well and "HAPPY"!

Who said life's not good!? Missing you already, Michala, and love you all!

September 7, 2006

Where's Cynthia?

Lots of people started asking, "What happened to your blog? Haven't seen any new updates lately!" Here's what happened...

Back in the beginning of August, one of my cooks left, so Cynthia has to cook everyday in the kitchen. While Jane left to NY already, we're short handed in both the front and the back. Followed by Cynthia just moved since mid-August, though not much but her bed and a few furnitures only and she still has oh maybe 70% of her stuff that needs to be moved...any volunteers? She has no internet connections yet while the phone company couldn't find her address. That's why there's no new blog. Sorry....

A quick fix....maybe I'll just put up some pictures to show you what has been happening:

Cynthia disappeared a lot into the kitchen:

cooking.jpg placingcarviar.jpg caviarnoodles.jpg tossingspicygarlicwings.jpg spicygarlicwing.jpg edamame.jpg greenteagelato.jpg flambeinaction.jpg flambe.jpg

Still working on the move...partially done, just like the shelves, but check out who's posing!

On top of everything, yes Cynthia's car got broken in, and now after 3 weeks, it's still in the shop! :(