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August 20, 2006

First Proposal!

So I got a call from Khanh right before I went into the restaurant. "Peter called," he said, "he's coming in at around 6:30pm and wanted to reserve the window table." "What did you say?" I asked. "Well, I told him it's a little hard on a Sat." "What!? Whatever Peter wants you have to give it to him! He's been great to the restaurant and a great supporter." Well, afterall Khanh did reserve the table for him because Peter told him he's going to pop the question!

What an honor to the restaurant and to myself! I couldn't believe of all restaurants in the bay area and there are so many more romantic restaurants, and he picked mine! I'm definitely honored. Of course I called for my emergency help right away, Josephine. I wanted to do something special for him, even though he had only given me half an hour notice!

Immediately I had to get the flowers ready at his table, and had Josephine ran to the bakery to get a cake... We're just all so happy for him!

After he proposed and of course after Tammy said yes, we offered champagne to all customers and raised our glasses for a toss to them!

We're all so happy for you, Peter! To the best and blessings from our hearts!