January 27, 2008

Feburary Menu

It's been cold, wet and gray! What a sad and depressing weather. It has never been hard for me to admit I get home sick, especially in this kind of weather. So here I am, getting homesick again. A place in your heart that you get warmth and love, knowing that's where you can always count on for the unconditional love, and when you think about it, it brings tears in your eyes... home!

I remember when I was a kid, Saturday morning came and mom would ask what should we have for lunch over breakfast. My brother and I would then screamed out for mom's wonton. Yes it's a very common thing in my family, before finishing breakfast, we would try to figure out lunch and while having lunch, we're already discussing dinner, or where would we be having our meals the next day!

On a day like today, stormy wind is howling from the outside, cold that chills me to the bones, and the rain is so heavy that I thought bullets were shooting through my skylight. Staring at the fireplace with the heat on, I don't feel much warmth or coziness, but a cold and lonely concrete loft. I closed my eyes and started imagining....

I can almost smell it, then taste it... my mother's Shanghai style pokchoy and pork wonton! No, my mother wasn't from Shanghai, in fact; my entire family is pure Cantonese. Canton is a food paradise, and Cantonese are foodies! Being born and raised in Hong Kong, by the most cosmopolitan and adventurous eaters like my parents; I was spoiled with food from all over the globe. However what touches my heart always... home cooking from mom.

Therefore I decided, not only to celebrate Chinese New Year, which is coming up on the 7th of Feburary; I'm also going to dedicate this up coming menu to my family and share my personal comfort food with you all. The new menu will be focusing on Asian comfort food of dumplings. Of course we are going to keep our signature dishes and your favorites such as Shrimp in a nest, Honey ribs with Thai basil, Salt & pepper fried tofu, Garlic chili chicken wings...etc; but we are going to devote the rest of our menu to the comfort food of dumplings!

In addition, I would like to introduce to you our guest chef Craig Roby. Craig is a wine importer and a former Chef de Cuisine at Relais & Chateaux. With his extensive experiences in both food and wine, he will be collaborating with me to bring you a new venturous dining experience!

Criag and I will be offering you a private dining experience every Friday, Saturday and weeknights (on demand). This will feature a six-course menu with sake and wine pairing to each course and it will focus on classic Cantonese cuisine with a slight twist such as Beggar's quail (black mushroom & Chinese ham stuffed quail slow baked in clay), Chinese herbal ginzeng soup... This is by reservation only and seating is limited. You can call me on my direct line at 510-601-0836 to make reservations and discuss the details. Tasting dinner will be starting at 7PM, but starting time can be flexible if you bring your own party of minimum 6 guests.

I am excited and hope you are too! Stay dry and warm, and I'm looking forward to touch your heart with my mom's wonton and my new creations of dumplings! Last but not least, call me soon to reserve a seat for your tasting dinner!

March 31, 2006

April menu

I decided from this month on, my main vegetable entree will just be "Ask us about our seasonal vegetables". It's because when I go to the market, it kills me when I see something beautiful and can't quite put in for that night to use because it's not on the menu. Or when I put something on the menu because I saw it so nice and pretty at the market when I was creating my menu, but they didn't have that anymore in 2 weeks. Therefore this way I can ensure I can always offer the freshest and available produce! So be sure to "Ask us about our seasonal vegetables"!