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March 9, 2011


...after almost two years, my blog is alive again! Thanks to my best friend, Vicky; the genius. After my site's hosting company upgraded their software, they messed up my emails, my site's pictures and my blog. Took almost two days before they got my email...etc, working again. However they denied the malfunction of my blog was caused by their upgrade, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong that I couldn't sign on to my own blog. There and then I was busy with opening OTD, followed by the long hours and non-stop working days at PICÁN... It was then put aside after I switched the hosting company.

Since I have time now, it would be nice to share my food and thoughts again. I started looking into fixing it. My fingers sure lost the touch already, and my mind is all about cooking and no more coding. A friend thought that should be an easy fix and agreed to have a look at it. Another two months past... maybe he really had taken "a look" at it! Then I remember this out of sight but always in my mind's best friend, who's a genius whenever I have those "programming blocks" back in those days in school! And just so happened we finished our 6 hours marathon phone call, I sent her my problem. In less than 3 hours, she figured it out and got it fixed. While it wasn't exactly the way it was I "demanded". She got it exactly how it was in another couple more hours! And in those hours, I know for sure she's probably watching some Chinese drama, cooking dinner, teasing me with her husband... UNBELIEVABLE! That's how good she is! And that's my best friend, Vicky Pang!