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March 13, 2009

Monte's birthday 3.12.2009

It was Monte's birthday yesterday! While I had scheduled to have lunch with my ex-coworkers(Jean, Josephine, Danny, Joe & Linda) from the computer days, Monte joined us as well!

We had dim sum on Clement Street and Monte joined us in the restaurant. I sneaked the little guy in with his own carrier. He was such a good boy and behaving very well! (As if he knew he turned legal age in human years!?) He was quiet and alert the whole time. Joe made a cake for Jean, but I think it's also a cake for us for Monte! I wonder what would it takes to open a pet friendly restaurant like those in Carmel?

After lunch we went for a car ride where Monte was standing high in the car "waving" at everybody catching attention! We made a stop at Catnip+Bones on Chestnut Street. Monte picked his own treats, got a new jumper and a new toy which kept trying to steal his treats later in the evening(check it out from the pic below!)

Most of the time when we went for our stroll on Chestnut was already in the evening, and Catnip+Bones was already closed. Finally yesterday we made it in. Monte was excited as well and left a little "gift" for the owner Rachel! While I always like to support small businesses, Monte and I sure had visited many boutique stores for dogs. I found Rachel's store is by far the most reasonable! She is friendly, knows her products and loves animals and people! Customers and locals would just stop by to say hi and chit chat with her even they don't have pets! She has good merchandises, very cute outfits and everything is marked very reasonably. Monte and I had visited another pet store in San Carlos about 3 months ago, where they charged the same dog food for almost double compare to what I paid for at The Pet Club. Since Catnip+Bones wouldn't be buying quantities like The Pet Club but was still charging only about $1.5 more. This is the kind of small business we all should go and support!

BTW, Monte wouldn't stop drinking the "love potion for K9" they offer outside their store! Wouldn't blame him, I would take the whole bowl for myself too if they have some for me!? ;)

After having a little treat for Monte, he went to play with other dogs on the Marina Greens. Monte's still a little shy to play with strangers. I think it's because he doesn't play rough like other dogs. He had a great time rolling on the grass though. Maybe I'll just arrange a play day for him and Presley later...

Finally into the evening when we returned home, Monte got to dig into all his treats(I had only allowed him to pick one and the lamb link was the winner!) and I shook a Marker's Manhattan for myself. After all we got to had a toast for the day that the little guy turned legal age to drink, right!?

Cheers Monte!


March 12, 2009

Top Ten Smartest Dogs

Last I read about the top 10 was quite some years ago. I remember Labrador was ranked 2nd and big Poodle was ranked 1st! I was very proud of Juppa of course at the time while having my smiling yellow lab!

Today when I found lab fell off to 7th on the chart and Poodle was still going strong at 2nd! Now I wonder how is my birthday boy, Monte; a Yorkshire Terrier ranks? It's Monte's birthday today! Happy Birthday Monte!

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